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design summer

building a design community
role: cofounder + director

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design summer is a new program dedicated to creating a community for interns interested in design and to connect them with designers in industry. this idea came from a general dissatisfaction with the fragmented nature of princeton's design community.

With a team of three others, We are building a community of interns in the Bay Area who are interested in learning, collaborating, and making an impact through design. To that end, we are bringing together about 300 of the brightest and most creative design-oriented interns in the Bay Area throughout the summer to share ideas and build relationships through city excursions & museum visits, weekly group dinners, hands-on design workshops, and speaker events.

Past and future events include:

  1. a design talk with john maeda
  2. company visit and workshop at facebook
  3. company visit and dinner at airbnb
  4. dinner meetup with designers from fjord design
  5. company visit to indiegogo
  6. typography workshops
  7. ideo visit


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