designer + developer | résumé




under the direction of david reinfurt, i produced several major works in this course, the first few of which are only available in print.

i typeset a portion of beatrice ward's the crystal goblet in centaur metal type. i then proofed and printed it on a vandercook sp-20 proof press. this was the inspiration for my letterpress club.

after metal type, i set the new typography by lazlo moholy-nagy using photo typesetting, following guidelines that he dictated as a set of constraints. this was a fascinating exercise and exploration of both the medium and this specific place in history.

in the final portion of the course, i typeset herbert bayer's on typography in adobe indesign using two schools of thought: bayer's and jan tschichold's. these can be viewed below.

the final project that i did was the creation of a class stone that could be installed on nassau hall.


copyright eric li.